29th December 2019

How to make the most out of your trip to Nepal

Are you planning to visit Nepal anytime sooner? Are you perplexed over ideas to make your visit a remarkable one? If yes, then this blog is just for you. Here are some of the ideas that can help you make the most out of your trip to Nepal. Let us know if this article helps you in the comment section.

How to make the most out of your trip to Nepal

Research on the destinations you want to explore

It is always a better idea to know about your destination prior to booking your trip. The precise, the better! Firstly, decide on the destinations that best suits your travel need. You might believe that with something like travel, it is adventurous to go spontaneous. But, adventure comes with consequences and sometimes the consequences are scary. On the other hand, a planned and an organized trip might not get fully accomplished but at least it is safer as compared to an unplanned or an unorganized one. So, a little bit of research won’t do any harm. There are lots of travel sites, online research materials and blogs from where you can decide on your destination. Also, travel experience of previous travelers helps you learn a lot about your destination. This way, you would have a very less chance of messing up your trip. In the context of Nepal, there are plenty of tourist destinations that might interest you. Pick a destination, do a detailed research and decide to set off for your journey.

Decide on your travel priorities

Travel priorities can range from adventure preference to historical ones. What you need to do is to plan out your whole trip in accordance to your travel priorities. Nepal is a versatile country with diverse options that best suits your travel needs. If you prefer adventure over comfort, opt for adventure sports like Bungee Jumping, Kayaking, Paragliding, Zip-Line, Canoeing, etc. If you want to traverse through the natural landscapes and serene beauty of Nepal, plan for a hike or a trek. Similarly, if culture and tradition is what interests you, historical walks can fit your needs. Sorting out your travel priorities saves lots of effort and prevents chaos. You won’t be doing what you don’t prefer and while being specific, you choose the best destination for your travel desires.

How to make the most out of your trip to Nepal

Extreme bungee jumping in Nepal

Find out the best time to visit your destination in Nepal

There are four seasons in the eastern world but Nepal has additional two seasons: rainy season and pre-winter season. The fluctuation in weather and seasons can both act as a trouble and a blessing. After you have planned on what kind of travel trip you look forward to, find out the best time to suit your travel activity. If you are planning to trek in Nepal, post-monsoon season (late September to November end) is the best time since the sky gets clear at this time of the year which makes it easier for travelers to view mountains and landscapes. However, the long days and warm weather of Spring( February end to late April) can also be an interesting time to explore the beauty of Nepal, trip to Nepal. 

Travel safe with experienced travel agencies and guides

When you are done with your planning phase, make sure you choose an experienced travel company. Furthermore, spend a little more but only travel with an experienced travel or tour guide. You will save yourself from many hassles if you do so. You can travel freely feeling secure at the same time. Also, travel insurance is a plus point. Do not settle down for rip-off travel agents.

Get your documents, currency and necessary items ready

The final step to a satisfying journey is having your documents, currency and necessities ready before you set off. Pack your visa, passport, important documents and don’t forget the Nepalese currency (NRs.). In addition to these, be careful to exchange all the currency you’ve got before returning back. Nepalese currency is neither accepted nor exchanged in any country. Not only this, it is also a legal offence to have the currency with you after you leave Nepal.

Is there anything you think that we missed out? Share your travel experiences,trip to Nepal with us and for more of these contents, follow us. Travel safe, travel satisfied!



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