17th December 2019

Is Nepal safe to travel?

Nepal is one of the most peaceful, beautiful and mesmerizing countries out there. The friendliness of the locals and the welcoming and warm vibe that they radiate is just unbelievable. Over the past 10 years, Nepal has enjoyed a growing fascination to visit from travelers all over the world. Nepal’s accommodation is a standout among the best on the planet, It is protected and it is totally not the same as most countries as far as vacationer well being. The travelers and the visitors always asked Is Nepal safe to travel? yes. here are the reasons which clear that Nepal is more safe then before, and one of the peaceful and happiest country in the world.

Nepal has a sense of security than most different nations around the world, conceivably because of the religious idea of the general population and their common generosity. In the course of recent years, Nepal has delighted in a developing interest to visit from explorers from everywhere throughout the world.

Is Nepal safe to travel?

People in Nepal are entirely cordial. The Nepalese acknowledge that the travel industry is the backbone of the economy, and are extremely inviting. This applies to all segments and political gatherings. Venturing out to Nepal contains no more hazard than going in different spots of the world. In fact, as an explorer you are a lot more secure in Nepal than in some European nations and South American places as the risk of grabbing, pick taking, theft, assault and so on is very low in Nepal, nearly non-existent. All the real vacationer territories of Nepal are policed and watched and we have our very own part of visitor police to help voyagers and protect them should a circumstance emerge. 

As Nepal is a country coming from lots of positive political changes in recent years, it is even more safe and stable to travel to than in the past. Reports for major crimes and threats against travelers and tourists have been non – existent.

The problem of load shedding and power cuts Nepal had has been totally reduced. Furthermore, all the hotels and most of the places have generators and inverter, so source of power/electricity is no problem in this country. 

Telephones are available almost everywhere around the country, so communicating will be no problem. It is unlikely to lose your way while sightseeing and travelling because a guide is assigned by almost every travel agency to all tourists visiting this beautiful country. But in the worst case scenario of that happening, free WiFi is present in most places and you can easily find your way to your hotel using google maps.

Most people in Nepal have learnt and know the basics of the universal language English. So communicating with the locals will not be hard.

The disastrous earthquake in 2015 did some heavy damage to old monuments but most of them have been repaired or are being repaired. Many quality modern hotels have been left untouched by the earthquake, so there are plenty of establishments around the country to accommodate for tourists. Now, the tourism industry of Nepal is back to as it was before the earthquake. After welcoming astounding number of tourists in the year 2017 and 2018, Nepal is all set to excel in the tourism field one more time and is welcoming tourists with grand visit Nepal 2020.

What you will find in Nepal are occupied individuals approaching their lives as they generally have with huge smiles on their faces. You will see structures being recreated, sanctuaries being reestablished. You will see woodcarvers, potters and stone bricklayers at work more than ever. This is a transforming period of modification in Nepal. It’s when Nepal needs guests like never before. From numerous points of view, this year will be an extraordinary time to visit Nepal. Visit Nepal 2020 is another campaign that you would not want to miss this year. The government of Nepal is working hard to ensure a successful tourism period by 2020.

Nepal is a wonderful and safe country to visit. We are confident that no harm to your or your loved ones will happen in your journey here.

Everyone in Nepal will treat you with the utmost respect and welcome you with open hearts and arms. We will be honored by your visit to our country and help you understand our culture and ways. These are some of the answers to the questions Is Nepal safe to travel? Yes indeed Nepal is a safe place to travel.



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