24th October 2019

Reasons to take Everest Base camp with Gokyo lake trek

Everest Base camp with Gokyo lake trek is the pinnacle of all the adventures in the world. The highest mountain in the world itself is the benchmark and adequate reason for the adventure seekers and the vacationers around the world to seek refuge to quench their thirst of fun, excitement, and tranquility.

While some very fortunate brave souls with sheer hard work and endurance attempt to measure the summit of the great Everest, spending their hard-earned money to gain experience of a once in a lifetime feeling to be on top of the world, many of the adventure seekers also find solace at roaming at the foothill of this great mountain. Trekking in Khumbhu region offers several options for everyone who respects its rare and pure beauty and surrender their heart. Equipped with numerous exciting destinations suitable for all kinds of trekkers, trekking in the region including Gokyo lake is the topmost adventure destination in the world. We will discuss some more here to help you the first-timers and veterans alike to take notes on reasons you should head for Everest Base camp.

Reasons to take Everest Base camp with Gokyo lake trek

Everest Base camp

World Heritage sites

Upon arrival at Kathmandu, you will experience entry to a different world – a gentle, warm and welcoming culture, a world of mystics and whole lots of temples preserved from medieval times. Take a long breath and let your imagination take control of your body for the amazing journey that kicks starts the following day that lasts more than 15 days straight on.

Thrill of flying in and out of Lukla airport

You will get a full-on spine chilling experience of flight of your lifetime. Located at 2860 m altitude, Lukla Airport is recognized as the most dangerous airport in the entire planet. Nestled in between huge mountain hills, you will be flying in a small plane with a clear view of the humongous rocky terrains and can also observe the approaching a short runway inclined slope as you glide towards the airport. Flying out is equally nerve-wracking as your head straight towards the mountain drop to gain momentum to take off the flight. Also known as Tenzing- Hillary airport, this is the gateway to the popular Khumbu region. It requires guts and a certain level of madness to completely enjoy this ride.

Beautiful villages

Yes, Namche Bazaar tops the list of the most beautiful villages in the high mountains. However, on the way to Everest base camp and Gokyo Lake, you will come across and pass several villages equally beautiful and uniquely featured with their own style of living and way of life. The only few things similar are the ever welcoming warm attitude and a big wide smile on the faces of the local people. These villages are located in some of the toughest terrains on the planet, above 2500 m altitude which only increases as you proceed on the trail. Populated with Sherpa communities, you can find lodges and tea houses run by the young women and old people as the strong young men are traveling with the mountaineers and trekkers as porters as well as the expert guides for the successful expeditions. You can also find handicraft stores and small shops in the market if you need to buy anything. The streets are covered with Tibetan chortens full of Buddhist prayers.

A visit to a Museum

At Namche, it is mandatory for you to take a day off for the acclimatization and rest for the tough journey ahead. Other than roaming around the bazaar, hiking the closest hill, you can count on the visit to the local Sherpa Culture museum to add some knowledge and ideas to the traditional Sherpa people. You will get to know the traditions of the local – ever-smiling, warm and strong Sherpas. A close look at their way of life, the formation of community, buildings and unique social practices, household chores and many many more. You will also get the information on the historical events, the heroics of the Sherpas not less than any Superheroes adventures and full of actions in the deep even mind freezing coldness of the mountains. A visit to this museum will be more adventurous and exciting than the regular ones that you have ever been to.

Ancient Monastery

On the way to Everest Base camp following a stay in beautiful Namche Bazaar, you will be welcomed by the beautiful Tengboche village. The enchanting Amadablam looks over the shoulders of this village adding mystic and charm that is till date unmatched by any other natural village scenery or landscape. It adds value to the old Buddhist monastery, Tengboche monastery.

Tengboche monastery is the oldest monastery in the Khumbu region, which celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2016. It is enlisted in the UNESCO World Heritage sites. Thousands of pilgrims and trekkers visit the area to explore the monastery, the sounds of the hymn, prayers and experience the local festivals. The monastery is surrounded by lush green rhododendron forests and mesmerizing views of mountain landscapes that include Mt. Everest and Ama Dablam. You will have amazing sites to take as many pictures as you desire to capture in the memory lane. 

Reasons to take Everest Base camp with Gokyo lake trek

Black Rock – Kalapatthar hill

Located above Gorak Shep at the south ridge of Mt. Pumori, the Kalapatthar is one of the hotspots in the Everest base camp trekking trail. The world-famous Kala Patthar is actually a hill rather than a mountain.

At 5640 m on this 10 meters hill, you will be surrounded by magnificent mountains as you observe the magical lakes in Gokyo. It gives the rare 360-degree views of massive peaks in panorama. Mount Everest looks majestic from this point like no other place in the world. Trekkers around the world elaborate their trek by few hours to reach this point and observe the Everest massif as a whole undisturbed by its surrounding peaks. Other than this, the route to Kala Patthar passes through unique wilderness full of green forests, crossing glacial rivers and edgy trails. Make some room for the yaks on the trails as you pass through small villages and cultural sites rich in ancient traditions and distinguished culture.

Gokyo Lakes

Reasons to take Everest Base camp with Gokyo lake trek

Gokyo lake

Following the rugged trails and high passes, Gokyo valley looks like a paradise nestled in the lap of heaven. Popular among the trekkers who prefer off the beaten tracks in popular trekking destinations, the valley also provides fascinating views of Mt. Everest and its minions. The rugged landscapes itself is a gem to behold. You will be stunned by the beauty and the natural setting of Gokyo town surrounded by mountains and on the side of frozen Gokyo lake.

Also known as an alternative to conventional Everest Base camp, you can customize the trekking by merging the two for the extraordinary experience of mountain adventures. The valley homes charming Gokyo Lakes of six at over 5000 m, seducing travelers around the world. There are chances of altitude sickness and other health factors due to its high altitude which adds challenge for the trekkers. However, all the troubles and difficulties are worth facing as you reach the pleasing and calming beauty of mother nature.

And finally the foothill of the Mt Everest

So you made it to the base camp. You are already enlisted as the coolest persons in the world as you approach near the Everest Base Camp. Starting from the bone-chilling flight to the most dangerous airport in the world, passing through the uncountable village, over merciless rocky trails that pass through unforgiving high passes and losing counts of wobbly formidable bridges you have finally reached the base camp – all in one piece. Enjoy your stay at the base camp. Click as many pictures of the surroundings as you can. Also take selfies, we-fies and all the-fies in the world you can as you breathe in the cool breeze oozing from the great Everest itself. This writing cannot do justice to the views that you will observe at the base camp. The 360 degree views will keep rolling non stop momentarily halting to see Mt. Everest standing 8848 m hovering on top of everything else in the area. Enjoy your stay at the base camp and walk down safely as you descend from this dream trip.


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