24th October 2019

Why celebrate Visit Nepal 2020

The Government of Nepal announced the year 2020 as the Visit Nepal 2020. The campaign aims to welcome more than two million visitors to the target year. The National Geographic Traveler magazine in 2016 enlisted Nepal as the sixth must see the country in the world. The announcement came even after the devastating earthquake in early 2015. Most of the popular trekking trails and the tourists’ destinations are, however, not affected and are safe to visit. Four years on, the government, local authorities, local people have been continuously working together to rebuild destroyed monuments, re-enhance the routes, roads, and paths organize and systematize the facilities and services for the best experience of the visiting guests.

So why should you visit Nepal in 2020?

Nepal is probably one of the top ten countries that is a must-see once in a lifetime. Diverse topography that scores from the highest altitude in the world and the world Summit of 8848 m to low land at sea level along with rich and ancient cultural and social diversity that can rarely seen in any other countries, the country has its unique climate and deep historical background that still awaits to explored. Every year Nepal receives thousands of travelers, adventurers, adrenaline junkies, and extreme sports enthusiasts around the clock. There is adequate room for peace seekers too among the silence of Himalayas, enchanting lakes surrounded by serene hills and vast plain lands covered with thick jungles. And for those endurance souls who aim to touch the sky, there are numerous peaks to climb and long expeditions of eight highest mountains in the world. In short, Nepal is heaven for most, if not all, the travelers in the entire world.

Why celebrate Visit Nepal 2020

Langtang Trek

Be a part of the rebuilding process

Rebuilding is a never-ending process. Following the devastating earthquake, the Nepal Tourism Board monitored the damages to the tourists’ destinations, historical and cultural heritages and the routes to these sites. According to the board, all the popular trekking destinations except the Langtang region were unaffected by the quake. The route to Langtang and the surrounding of the region has been reconstructed and operating at the best. Similarly, access to popular villages, hiking sites, and trekking starting points have been improved with proper transportation in smooth operation. International and domestic airline services are improvised and for the old visitors, you can see the changes made at your first arrival at the Tribhuwan International Airport, Kathmandu. You will be a part of this rebuilding process.

Mountains welcome you

Nepal homes eight of the world’s highest mountains. Mt. Everest hovers the highest, standing majestically and yet peeking out on the shoulders of Nuptse and Lhotse. Mountaineers around the globe have only one dream – to measure the summit of the highest peaks in the world. For many who have less time and can not reach the top, there are several trekking destinations at the foothills and the base camps which are equally fascinating and mesmerizing that gives a thrill to your adventure and achievements. You can see mountains from most of the locations anywhere in the country. Some mountains such as Mt. Kanchanjunga, Annapurna massif, Mt. Makalu will give you the chill and a calm look of a silent killer whereas the likes of Mt. Everest, mt. Machhapuchre, Mt. Ama Dablam is thrilling and equally beautiful and heartwarming. If you are a beginner and learning the art of climbing, then Island peak, Mera peak, Imja Tse are some of the awesome peaks below 8000 m to give you the proper schooling and much-needed experiences. These mountains are located in national parks and protected areas, so do not be surprised if a rare sights of snow leopards, red panda or other endangered pay you a welcome visit. Just gesture them back with a smile and if possible take quick pictures, you may never get a second chance.

Why celebrate Visit Nepal 2020

Heartwarming people

Nepali society is a living example of cultural and religious tolerance. Nepal is a home for people coming from over 100 different ethnic groups with their own distinguished language, culture and living style. One thing common in all Nepali people is that they are very welcoming. You will be welcomed with a smile and treat you as one of their own with an open heart that transcends beyond the sizes of the width of the Himalayas and Tarai and the depth of the never-ending waves of hills.

One of the safest countries in Asia if not in the world, the locals are also considered the top five happiest people on earth. Meaning, you can feel the joy, charm, and happiness transferring through and through as you travel around the place.

Expensive? Not at all

Nepal provides possibly the best experience of traveling be it a solo trip in this upcoming visit Nepal 2020, a family vacation or a friend’s group journey to an unknown area within a budget and a reasonable price. With great mixture of culture, Nepal has got something every person – great nightlife at most happening places like Thamel and Pokhara lakeside, great hotels and restaurants with amazing international foods for party lovers, cozy lodge, local food, amazing parks and trekking and hiking routes for peace lovers, exciting extreme sports – all these comparatively cheap and affordable cost. And remember, the price you are paying is also going for the rebuilding process. So, you are also contributing from your side.

Experience the adventurer within

A trip to Nepal will take you on a journey of a lifetime. For a starter, you will get a thrilling plane ride with a clear view of the chain of mountains looking over this beautiful country. You can easily get a visa on arrival – no hassles to drain your time that you can spend on something exciting. You can test your limits with a thrilling and spine chilling flight at the most dangerous airport in the world Lukla Airport, the gateway to Mt. Everest, the highest mountain in the world. Likewise, there are uncountable trekking trails including the ones in the Everest region to choose from as per your liking and personality. You can choose to head on to explore new routes, unknown, off the beaten tracks that provide a unique dimension of looking at the adventure or take a popular route, easy, fast, secure and assured paths.

White water river rafting in Nepal is second to none in the world. There are about 10 different rivers down flowing from wombs of Himalayas – the great glaciers, with the difficulty level scoring from 1 to scale 5 being the toughest of all. You can always mix a white river rafting at BhoteKoshi with probably the best bungee jumping experience in a deep gorge, standing some 160 m above the screaming raging Bhote koshi river. The natural setting of the bungee is as wild as it can be and yet pretty safe with the high-class bungee gadgets, crewmen and of course the amazing bridge built by world-class builders. A bike or motorbike ride is also a proper way to enjoy the beautiful land. You will always be greeted warmly by the children running after you, or the shy countryside people. A sweet Namaste will lighten up their faces – a priceless view to behold. Discover the new side of yourself within in this upcoming visit Nepal 2020.

Observe nature at its best

Yes, the earthquake rocked the whole nation – but even after almost half a decade passed, the country has the same charm and the beauty in it. All the doing is the blessing of the mother nature. The devastated settlements around the tourist areas have already been reconstructed in better and safer locations with improved services and keeping in mind the tourist hospitality. The mountains still stand tall, now in more solidarity and unity, giving life and colors to the plains as every dew from the glaciers quenches the thirst of the soil as it passes from foothills of the mountains to the ocean.

You can always visit new places, unknown to the world and books. Unknown areas in the far western region of Nepal still awaits to be explored. Pachal waterfall in rural Kalikot, Jumla, Suklaphaat, Khaptad national parks are few areas that receive very few tourists. Most of these areas are still untouched and unexplored. Be the one to take first notes, first few amazing pictures and the first one to observe nature at its very best in this upcoming visit Nepal 2020.


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