13th January 2020

Plan the Perfect Yoga Trek in Nepal

Yoga has quickly become one of the most sought-after activities around the world. While you would think that many people would love to do a relaxing and exhilarating yoga session in a quiet room indoors, a few prefer the intense ambiance and atmosphere of the great outdoors. There could be multiple reasons for this, but a few include the peaceful sounds, aromas, and the extraordinary views that can be seen during and at the end of a session.
Planning the perfect yoga trek in Nepal is much easier than it used to be, mainly because so many people are looking for this option. Instead of searching for weeks for a guide that is also a fellow yogi, you can easily choose from one of the growing number of yoga retreats that are now being offered.

Plan the Perfect Yoga Trek in Nepal

Benefits of a Yoga Trek in Nepal

1. Increased flexibility
2. Breathing will be improved
3. Improved balance
4. Increased energy
5. Strengthened immune system, muscles, and bones
6. A balanced nervous system

Best Yoga Treks in Nepal

Langtang Gosaikunda Trek

As you trek along this trail, you will find yourself discovering different fauna and flora, as well as culture, history, and even a glacier or two. The Langtang Gosaikunda Trek happens to be the one trek that is the most accessible, while also holding spectacular surprises and even a few intriguing wonders. Along the trail, you will make stops at spiritually significant destinations, so you can feel your spirit soar throughout the experience.

Everest Base Camp Yoga Trek

If you have always wanted to reach the Everest Base Camp, but have hesitated because you wanted a special journey, this is the time to do it! Yoga and meditation will be a part of each of the eighteen days you are out on this trail trekking. During your journey, you will also visit many locals and see quite a few Buddhist Monasteries. The positive energy you will feel in many of the areas of the mountain will have you believing that this part of the world was created specifically for finding the true beauty of yourself, the mountains, and those around you.

Plan the Perfect Yoga Trek in Nepal

Annapurna Circuit Trek

The Annapurna Circuit Trek is perfect for all types of trekkers, even if you are just beginning out on this type of journey. Your yoga trek will begin over on the Besisahar side and end within Kathmandu. In between yoga sessions, you will find yourself going through the magical mountains, conquering the deep gorge, exploring Buddhist villages, and seeing many different holy sites. If you are running low on energy, the town of Pokhara will be a welcomed sight with the magnificent Phewa Lake. This town is the perfect place to recharge, so feel free to spend a little extra time there focusing on your own needs and meditating as necessary.

Kopra Ridge Yoga Trek

The Kopra Ridge Yoga Trek normally takes eleven days to complete from start to finish. This yoga trek is not as busy as many of the others, so you won’t need to listen to the crowds of people just ahead or behind you. In between views of the mountains, you will see many terraced fields within the villages, as well as the lush green forest filled with animals. During this trek, you will continuously incorporate yoga into your walking. Therefore, you should be prepared to stop at any time to do an Asana or simply find a peaceful state of mind while looking out at breathtaking views.

Everest Monastery Yoga Trek

Ten days is all you will need to find your Zen during the Everest Monastery Yoga Trek. This area happens to be the most visited destination in the world, so the trail will be very well-traveled. You will trek through Sagarmatha National Park, as you practice yoga every single day. Once you reach the Namche Bazaar, you can stop at the Thame Buddhist Monastery, which is the oldest monastery within the Khumbu region. This is not the only monastery you will see during this trek, so be prepared to feel peace at both the Tengboche Buddhist Monastery and the Khumjung Monastery as well.

Panchase Yoga Trek

The Panchase Yoga Trek is one of the shorter yoga treks available, so it is perfect if you have never experienced anything like this before. There are plenty of open spaces for yoga classes, so be prepared for an impromptu stop on occasion. The lower elevation ensures that you won’t experience the altitude sickness you might on other trails. Your days will begin early in the morning, but only after you have received a solid eight hours of sleep the night before. You will alternate between trekking and performing yoga poses throughout the day before Pranayama and meditation before dinner.

It is much easier to plan the perfect yoga trek in Nepal nowadays, since there are many different yoga treks available. Simply choose the one that will fit your needs the most and then enjoy a journey that will have you feeling peace and tranquility for many weeks into the future.


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